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Sports Crew Committee Reports

SSP High 5 Netball Tournament – 21st March 2017


After a brilliant performance at the QEGS cluster tournament last week, our A team progressed to take part at the SSP High 5 Netball Tournament held at Lady Manners School in Bakewell on Tuesday 21st March. The team consisted of Thomas Mason, Ella Bennett, Maddie Waring, Bella Mills, Henrietta Stock-Clarks, Edward Carroll and Henry Morton.


In the first round we should have played four games, however one school didn’t turn up so we won one game by default and then only had to play three. We won all three games. The first game we played was against Baslow which we won 10-0, then we won 10-0 again against Tansley. Lastly in this round we won 3-0 against Hathersage. We progressed to the semi-final which was against All Saints, Matlock; we beat them 7-0 giving us a place in the final. We had to play Great Longstone in the final and we are very pleased to say we won this game too, 2-0, meaning we won gold and will be taking part in the Derbyshire County Competition in the summer. The whole team played brilliantly and our defence and marking was particularly strong meaning we did not let any goals in throughout the whole tournament!


Well done to everyone who took part!

Orienteering 17th March 2017

On Friday 17th March 2017 Osmaston primary school competed in an orienteering event at QEGs recreation ground. The event was run by Derwent Valley orienteers (DVO) who are involved in many different events across Derbyshire. 16 of our year 3 and 4s and 16 of our yea r 5 and 6s competed in this event and performed very strongly. In this event students had to perform in a team and individual courses where students would perform in pairs, in these events students had to read a map and travel to each checkpoint collect the controls in the fastest time possible. In the year 3 and 4 events our students managed to come first in the Team event having to collect 10 controls around the recreation ground. Also congratulations to Dylan Jones and Archie Pitt who came first in the individual events for year 3 and 4. In the year 5 and 6 events our students managed to also win first in the team event having to collect 16 controls.  Ella Bennett and Bella Mills came out victorious winning first in the individual event, shorty followed by two more of our students Grace Kirk and Tamsyn Lambert finishing second. Overall, a very successful event by our Osmaston students who achieved very well, competing against over 150 students from different schools.

Sports Hall Athletics SSP Finals 2017

On Friday 10th March 2017 Osmaston Primary School took part in a Sportshall Athletics Competition at Highfields School, Matlock.

Two teams had qualified for the event, by winning the QEGS cluster event on the 27th February 2017.

There were 8 teams in the Small Schools Event. Every team took part in many different events from track and field  such as: Speed Bounce, Javelin, Long Jump, Vertical and Triple Jump, Chest Push, and Track relay events.

All children really tried hard to do their best and there were some fantastic results.

The final results were very close, with the B team finishing 8th and the A Team finishing in second place, only two points behind the winners, Great Longstone.

Well done to all of the children that took part!


                   SSP Basketball Anthony Gell 2017

On Wednesday 1st  February 2017 Osmaston C of E (vc) Primary School went to Anthony Gell, Wirsksworth for the SSP level Basketball tournament. We entered two teams an A and a B team they each played 3 matches. The other teams were; South Darley, Longstone Tigers, Kniveton Stars, Longstone Lions, Crich Carr and Kniveton Warriors.

 Osmston A team played 3 matches and won them all against: Crich Carr, Longstone Lions and Kniveton Warriors. They also got into the Semi-Finals and won against Osmaston B. They then went through to the Finals, were they lost a very close match against Longstone Lions which resulted in Longstone Lions coming in 1st place and Osmaston A coming 2nd.

Osmaston B played 3 matches against South Darley, Longstone Tigers and Kniveton Stars. They won 2 matches an lost 1 against Longstone Tigers 17-2. Then they proceeded on to the semi finals where they played Osmaston A and lost. After that they played Longstone for 3rd and 4th place, but they lost 8-2 and that put them in 4th place.

Overall Longstone Lions came 1st, Osmaston A came 2nd, Longstone came 3rd and Osmaston B came 4th.

                         By Maddie, Molly and Tammy (sports crew committee)

          Basketball Tournament QEGS YR 5&6

On Tuesday 24th January 2017 Osmaston C of E ( VC ) Primary School took part in the basketball tournament at QEGS. We entered four teams A, B, C, D there were two groups, in group A there was: Osmaston A,Osmaston C, Norbury, Bradley and BIGGHARTS. In group B there was: Osmaston B, Osmaston D, Marston, Waterhouses and Fitzherbet. The winners of group A Were Osmaston A and the runners up were BIGGHART , in group B the winners were FitzHerbet and the runners up were Osmaston B. Overall BIGGHARTS came 4th, Osmaston B came 3rd, Fitzherbet came 2nd and Osmaston A came 1st.

Osmaston A played 4 matches they won all of them against: BIGGHARTS, Osmaston C, Bradley and Norbury. First of all they played BIGGHARTS resulting in a 10-6 win, then they played Osmaston C they won by 14 baskets (rewarding two points for each game), after that they played Bradley and won 12-2, the last match was against Norbury winning 10-0.

Osmaston B played 4 matches they won 3 against: Osmaston D, Waterhouses and Marston. They lost 1 against Fitzherbet where the score was 20-8. They got through to the semi-finals but lost 16-0 against Osmasaton A.

Osmaston C played the same amount of matches, but they played against: Norbury, Osmaston A, Biggharts and Bradley. They lost all of the matches where the scores were; 10-0, 14-0, 5-0 and 4-1.

Osmaston D played against: Osmaston B, Marston, Waterhouses and Fitzherbert. Unfortunately they lost allk of their matches and the scores were: 6-0, 1-0, 6-0 and 2-1.


In the final Osmaston A played Fitzherbet and Osmhgaston won 6-2. The final result was Osmaston A winning the tournament and progressing on to the SSP round at Wirksworth on Wednesday 1st February.


By Molly, Maddie and Tammy

Table Tennis 2016

 On Wednesday 16th November 2016 Osmaston C of E primary schhool took part in a table tennis tournament at QEGS. There were 5 teams, 4 of which were Osmaston teams. In the girls tournament only Osmaston Primary school took part, it was the A and B team. In the boys tournament there were three teams 2 were Osmaston.


The B team in the boys tournament came 3rd and the B team in the girls came second and that left the two A teams in both categories won the tournament. The A teams are going through to the county finals on Tuesday 29th November which unfortunately clashes with the rugby tournament so some the table tennis will have to miss out on the rugby tournament. They will be going up to Stavely, Chesterfield where the competition is very high.

Cross Country QEGS 2016

On the 5th of November 2016, 5 pupils from Osmaston C of E (VC) Primary School represented the QEGS cluster at the SSP Cross Country event. There are 5 different clusters in total- QEGS, Highfields, Lady Manners, Hope valley and Anthony Gell. In the clusters there were 10 boys and 10 girl’s. In total there were 50 girls and 50 boys.

 The people that took part from Osmaston Primary School were Ella Bennett, Isabella Mills, Roisin Martin, Samuel Dawson and Thomas Mason. The results were that in the girls race Ella Bennett came 4th; Bella Mills came 26th and Roisin Martin came 33rd. The results were that in the boys race Thomas Mason came 8th and Samuel Dawson came 45th. QEGS came 1st in the boys event and in the girls event they came 2nd.The pupils who got medals were Bella Mills, Ella Bennet and Thomas Mason, but unfortunately Roisin Martin and Samuel Dawson didn’t receive a medal.


By Maddie, Molly and Tammy (Sports Crew)

Anthony Gell Football Girls 2016

On Tuesday 18th October 2016 Osmaston Primary School went to a girls only football tournament at Anthony Gell School. There where 4 teams altogether that includes our two teams.

The Osmaston A team played 3 matches drew them all 0:0. We played the 3 matches against, Parkside, Lea and Osmaston B. They were all very close matches.

The Osmaston B team played 3 matches unfortunately lost one drew 2. They drew against, Osmaston A and Lea and lost against Parkside 1:0

Altogether Parkside came 1st, Osmaston A came 2nd and Osmaston B and Lea came 3rd.

By Maddie, Molly and Tammy (Sports Crew)

Mini-Soccer QEGS Sainsburys School Games 2016

On Wednesday 5th October, Osmaston took part in a level 2 Football tournament at QEGS, Ashbourne.

We took four teams and played a series of 5 a side matches.

Teams A, B and C played between 6 and 8 matches, each one 5 minutes long.

The A team won all of their matches, bar one which was a draw.

The B Team won one, drew one but unfortunately, lost the rest.

The C Team won two, drew two and lost two!

The D Team played in a non- qualifying festival. They played three matches, two of which they lost but they did win one against Parkside C team.

All pupils played extremely well. The A team have now qualified to go through to the SSP Partnership round next week in Wirksworth, representing the QEGS cluster, alongside Hulland School.


Anthony Gell Football 2016

On Wednesday 12th October, Osmaston  C of E (VC) Primary School A team went to the football tournament at Anthony Gell. There were 8 teams altogether entered and it was a round robin tournament.

The Osmaston A team played 6 matches and won 1 match against, Baslow. We drew 3 matches against, Hulland, Longstone and St Josephs. We lost 2 against, Lea and Hathersage.  In total Osmaston came 5th .

By Maddie, Molly and Tammy (Sport Crew)


Hockey QEGS 2016

On Wednesday 28th September 2016, Osmaston Primary School, Year 5 and 6 took part in a hockey tournament at QEGS.

There were 17 teams that took part from the QEGS cluster of schools, playing in a hockey festival.

Osmaston A team played 5 matches. They won 4 matches against, Parkside B, Parwich, Parkside A and Osmaston D. The match against Brailsford was a very close match, which resulted in a draw.

Osmaston B team played 4 matches. They won 1 match against, Waterhouses. The other matches they drew and they were against, Parkside B, Brailsford A and Parwich.

Osmaston C team played 4 matches. They won 1 match against, Bigg Harts. The other matches they drew and they were against, Hulland, Brailsford and Parkside B.

Osmaston D team played 4 matches. They lost 3 against, Bigg Harts, Brailsford B and Osmaston A. The last match that they played they drew and that was against, Kniveton. 


By Maddie, Tammy, Molly (Sports Crew)


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