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Kwik Cricket Sports Report, written by Abby Copestake and Thomas Breen

A, B and C team compete in an excelling Cricket Tournament At Clifton Cricket Club

Osmaston C of E (VC) Primary School Competed At Clifton Cricket Club on Wednesday 3rd June in a competitive first round. The winners would eventually go in to the SSP tournament and secure their title as winners of the QEGS cluster tournament.

The A team had a successful first game winning 272-207 against Marston primary school then beating a strong Clifton B side 248-255 with the team getting 10 out and Joshua Morton bowling the most out with 2.They also hit 12 fours and 3 sixes and Samuel Keeling organising the team a treat. The team also included Harry Larkin, Barnaby Hart, James Brennan, William Carroll and Thomas Breen.

The B team played extremely well but were unfortunate to come up against Big Hearts and Clifton A. Unfortunately, the scores were not passed on but the B team made a valiant effort. The Team captain Abby Copestake ordered the players who included Ollie Daniels, William Lawrence, Joseph Lucas, William Cross, Daniel Pattinson, Harry Skingly, and Laurence Hart.

The C team, captained by Phoebe Keeling, played Parkside B and Parkside C, who unfortunately for the C team, had practised a lot, so it meant that even though a superb 2 games were played, the C team lost both. The first game, against Parkside B was incredibly close, Osmaston only losing by 6 runs in an entertaining 243-249.The second game against the Parkside C team was 202-253 again entertaining, but clear that Parkside had practised to near perfection. The C team also had Alexander Mills, Charis Allen, Amelie Mason, Max Morrison, Conner Hammersley, Maisie Wass and Hannah Dawson.

Overall the teams performed brilliantly on a hot, summer day!

Written by Abby Copestake and Thomas Breen J
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