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Osmaston CE(VC) Primary School

Where Everyone is Important!

Class 4

Welcome to Class 4

Mrs Millward (Class Teacher), Miss Clarke (Teaching Assistant)
and all of the pupils in Class 4 welcome you to enjoy their website page.

Throughout the year, we will endeavour to keep you updated
with all of our exciting news and pictures.

Enjoying s’mores around the campfire at Forest School.

Class 4 enjoying a local walk, looking at our local history.

We enjoyed taking part in the football competition at QEGS.

Enjoying an art lesson in the school garden.

We enjoyed carrying out an investigation in science to identify soluable and insoluable materials

We enjoyed taking part in the Quad Kids competition at QEGS

Enjoying PE.

Planting vegetable seeds.

Making mini water cycles in science.

Forest School

Class 4 enjoying Pyjamarama Day, raising money for the Book Trust.

We enjoyed an afternoon at St Martin’s Church looking at the architectural features as part of this terms topic and science work

Learning all about electricity in science

Sketching aspects of St Martin’s Church.

Class 4 made fantastic Easter Cards

Egg Decorating

Egg Rolling Fun

Easter Egg Hunt

To commemorate the National Day of Reflection, class 4 tied yellow string around the trees at Forest School in support of everyone affected by covid.

Class 4’s superheroes enjoyed Red Nose Day

Class 4 enjoyed watching a science demonstration on the human digestion system

Class 4 all back together again after lockdown, enjoying Forest School

Lockdown World Book Day in school and at home

Class 4’s amazing home learning

Do something different afternoon (home and school during lockdown)

Class 4’s Amazing Production, ‘Happy Christmas, War is Over’


Enjoying our magical Christmas Party in the Forest

‘Santa Panto’

Christmas Jumper Day

We learnt about the nets of 3D shaped and drew our own cube net to make a Christmas gift box.

Class 4 have enjoyed learning about earthquakes and investigating and comparing the strength of earthquakes to the Mercalli Scale.

Class 4 enjoying a Forest School walk

Class 4 have been busy making clay Christmas Robins

Class 4 painting their clay Diva lamps

We made dens for hibernating animals and had a go at ‘Forest Bathing’ at Forest school.