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Lunch Menus

The theme days for the Spring/Summer menu are below: 

Thursday 19th May - Let's get cooking

To inspire pupils to get cooking Food Explorers will work with their Catering Supervisor to create their own well-balanced lunch menu. In some schools children will also be able to see a cooking demonstration by their kitchen team.


Platinum Jubilee Celebration 

Schools can choose the day that they would like to hold this theme day which has a street party style menu. 


Thursday 9th June - Flavourful Day 

Getting back to discovering new flavours, this theme day is designed to build Food Explorers’ confidence to try new foods. Stickers will be given out to reward the most adventurous Food Explorers on the day.


Tuesday 28th June - Happiness Day 

Eating a balanced diet rich in vitamins and minerals can improve our mood.
The menu on this day will be made up of good mood foods for Explorers to enjoy.


Friday 15th July- Seaside special 

A firm favourite, this year Food Explorers will learn why and when Fish and Chips became a traditional British seaside treat!


September - British Harvest Festival 

To celebrate British farmers harvest.
Food Explorers will be able to see on a map exactly where the food on their plate has come from. 


Thursday 20th October - Let's get moving

This day is all about helping Food Explorers to get more active and show which foods are best to fuel our bodies for exercise

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