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Osmaston History Society  1 World War 2 Project
Congratulations to Louie Goldberg who was presented with a prize of £10 by Mr. Gerald Parker on behalf of the Osmaston History Society for his imaginative written piece on what it would have been like to be an evacuee during the War.  Louie's Class were studying World War 2 and all children wrote a piece.  Louie's was chosen as the best.  Mr. Parker came to share his experiences of being a pupil at Osmaston CE Primary School during the war years when evacuees came to the village from Manchester.  The children were absolutely fascinated to hear first hand the history of their school and the very classroom they were sat in!
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Picture 1 Osmaston Manor 1902
Picture 2 Osmaston Manor Fire Brigade Circa 1880
Picture 3 Osmaston Sawmill
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